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Hard and tough throughout

Hardox® maximizes the wear performance of your equipment and machines, reducing workshop lead times and increasing the overall productivity of your operations. Thanks to its consistent properties, Hardox performance remains constant over its lifetime. That also makes its service life very predictable, allowing you to rationalize your maintenance work. Hardox can be used in a variety of operations that include loading, transport and crushing of hard materials. What’s the secret of its performance? The production processes include state-of-the-art metallurgical cleaning of steel and a unique hardening process, resulting in wear plates with outstanding hardness, toughness and workshop friendliness

Expertise at your service

In addition to wear plate, SSAB provides wear expertise through our Technical Support functions. The Technical Support wear specialists can help to optimize your product from a design perspective and are committed to developing the technical knowledge of wear. We offer you access to Ph.D.’s and experts with decades of experience in solving wear challenges.You will recieve applied support and information on wear-critical components

Information about wear

Wear comes in different forms and each has a different impact on the service life of your application. The most common wear types are sliding and impact wear. Abrasive particles trapped in a narrow gap between two rigid surfaces cause squeezing wear, which also is a common wear type. Each variety of rock is composed of a unique set of minerals that contribute to the specific type of abrasive wear damage. WearCalc software, available from our Technical Managers, describes and calculates the relative differences between materials. It allows you to predict relative wear life and compare different wear solutions. Whatever your application and wear situation, Hardox is your ticket to outstanding wear performance


In sliding wear abrasive bodies such as aggregate rock are free to slide and roll. By selecting a harder Hardox grade, service life is often improved considerably


With impact wear the aggregate rock hits the surface of the wear component at various angles. A harder grade of Hardox will also deliver a longer service life here. The increase in service life is not of the same order as for sliding wear


The improvement in service life of wear components subjected to squeezing wear is more difficult to quantify. As a rule, an increased Hardox plate hardness improves the service life significantly

HARDOX — A Complete Product Program

Whatever wear challenge you face there is a Hardox plate to match. The wide range of hardness grades, thicknesses and widths enables you to maximize the performance of your application

Hardox 400 and Hardox 450 are versatile wear plates with high toughness, good bendability and excellent weldability

Hardox 500 is a tough, bendable and weldable wear plate for applications that require high abrasion resistance

Hardox 550, with a hardness of 550 Brinell and a toughness equal to Hardox 500, is designed to increase wear life, but not at the expense of crack integrity

Hardox 600 is the world’s hardest wear plate for extreme conditions

It competes with materials such as high chromium white alloy castings, Ni-hards and hardfacing

Hardox HiTuf is a wear plate with extra high toughness intended for heavy section wear parts where there are extra high demands on the combination of wear and crack resistance

Hardox Extreme is intended for applications requiring extremely high abrasion resistance. It can replace costly wear products such as hard-faced overlay plates and high chrome white iron


Hardox® wear plate delivers great advantages through the whole production flow. Its superior wear resistance translates into bottom line benefits such as more uptime, higher productivity, longer service life and reduced maintenance

Hardox cuts down on weight and extends the service life of steel structures in comparison with regular steel. A common limestone rock has an average hardness of 150 HV. With relative sliding wear the service life is approximately 3 to 4 times longer with Hardox 500 than with a standard S235 steel

Translated into thickness, a 25 mm plate of S235 is equivalent to 8 mm Hardox 500, reducing weight dramatically and makes it a lot more workshop-friendly

The hardness of Hardox minimizes wear because it is difficult for the ‘edges’ of abrasive material to cut into the material. Hardox delivers the same wear resistance during the plate’s entire service life, since it remains equally hard throughout. Toughness is the other strong point of Hardox. While hardness makes it wear resistant and strong, toughness is what makes it possible for Hardox to be bent, formed and welded without cracking

Its unique combination of hardness and toughness also allows Hardox to perform as a load-carrying part in many applications. With Hardox, steel structures for the cement industry can be wear-resistant, strong and lightweight at the same time


  1. Open pit
  2. Loader and tipper
  3. Excavator and dump truck
  4. Hopper
  5. Conveyor belt
  6. Jaw crusher
  7. Conveyor belt rubber
  8. Crusher screen
  9. Cone crusher
  10. Chute
  11. Conveyor belt rubber
  12. Storage bins
  13. Elevator buckets
  14. Hopper
  15. Conveyor belt rubber
  16. Raw mill
  17. Preheating in cyclones
  18. Rotary kiln
  19. Clinker cooler
  20. Conveyor belt rubber
  21. Hammer crusher
  22. Hopper
  23. Screw conveyor
  24. Silos
  25. Ball mill
  26. Elevator bucket
  27. Hopper
  28. Silo
  29. Transport of finished product
  30. Concrete transit mixer
  31. Concrete pump truck

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