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Intelligent Arc Engineering (IArc) is proud to be Sudan`s official Hardox Wearparts Centre, dedicated experts using state-of-the-art techniques and processes certified by Swedish Steel (SSAB)

Our partnership with SSAB as a Hardox Wearparts member enables us to provide the highest quality wear parts in the world. We are committed to providing wear part solutions that will increase efficiency and reduce running costs for our customers.  

Over 40 years Swedish Steel have continued to develop and improve Hardox steel. Our partnership gives us direct access to this expertise to solve your wear problems to deliver increased service life of up to ten times or more.

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unmatched hardness and toughness

Hardox® wear plate sets the standard worldwide for abrasion-resistant (AR) steel. Thanks to its unique qualities, it can even perform as a load-bearing part in many applications, opening new possibilities for structural design innovation.


The combination of hardness and toughness makes Hardox outstanding. It’s extremely resistant to wear, and able to perform as a load-carrying part in many applications. This allows for new innovative ways of designing steel structures


Hardox’s extreme resistance to wear is a strategic business factor. Using Hardox can easily extend the service life of your equipment by two, three, five, ten times or more. The toughness means it can take heavy blows without denting or cracking. Not only does it add to the product’s active life, it also makes it look better while working


The weight loss achieved by using Hardox instead of regular steel can be translated into increased load capacity. For a container truck, for example, a stronger and lighter container allows for fewer transports, fuel savings and reduced emissions


Hardox opens up so many possibilities for creative engineers to design wear-resistant, strong and light products that utilize Hardox wear resistance as well as its potential to perform as a structural steel. Our most popular Hardox grades even come with a guaranteed minimum toughness value, making them particularly designer-friendly

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Hardox Steel Grades

Hardox HiTuf is an abrasion-resistant plate with guaranteed impact toughness. With a nominal hardness of 350 HBW, it’s a good choice for structural wear parts like thick cutting edges, demolition tools and rippers

Hardox 400 is an abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 400 HBW. Hardox 400 is an all-around wear resistant steel. Thanks to its high toughness, good bendability and weldability, this steel can be used in structures with moderate wear

Hardox 450 is an abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW. Hardox 450 combines good bendability and weldability with an option for guaranteed impact toughness (Hardox 450 Tuf)

The products can be used in many different components and structures that are subject to wear. Hardox 450, with an extra 50 Brinell hardness over our 400 grade, provides better dent and abrasion resistance as well as longer wear life, so you can achieve even greater savings

Hardox 500 is a bendable and weldable abrasion-resistant steel, with a nominal hardness of 500 HBW. Suitable for applications that demand higher wear resistance

Hardox 500 increases payload and increases service life while maintaining good processability and toughness

Hardox ® 500 Tuf Tuf wear plate is the latest upgrade in the Hardox® range. It delivers high strength, extreme hardness and guaranteed toughness in one and the same wear plate

Hardox 500 Tuf combines the best properties from Hardox450 and Hardox500. The result is a wear plate with no real competition on the market

Hardox® 550, with a nominal hardness of 550 HBW and toughness close to Hardox500, increases wear life but not at the expense of crack integrity

At a nominal hardness of 600 HBW, Hardox 600 has a uniquely high impact toughness

Especially suited for extreme wear conditions, it can still be cut and welded, making it an excellent choice for high-performance applications

Hardox® Extreme is the world’s hardest wear plate with a nominal hardness of 60 HRC (Rockwell) and typical hardness of 650-700 HBW

Hardox® Extreme is an abrasion resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 60 HRC, intended for applications with extreme high demands on abrasion resistance. Typical applications is liner plates, etc

Hardox® round bars are versatile, ready-to-use, abrasion-resistant steels that combine high toughness, good bendability and good weldability

Hardox® round bars come in diameters between 40 and 100 mm and lengths up to 5000 mm, and feature the same guaranteed properties as the wear plate. Delivered quenched and tempered to high tensile strength and hardness levels, Hardox® round bars represent entirely new possibilities for stronger and lighter product design. They also help optimize workshop procedures such as machining, welding and polishing

Hardox® Tube 400, as hard and tough as our wear plates, offer outstanding performance when you need both high wear resistance and a lighter product

Hardox® HiTemp is a high-heat grade of Hardox® wear plate that provides a cost-efficient solution for wear resistance at high temperatures in the 300–500°C range (570–930°F)

Whereas traditional quenched and tempered wear-resistant steels lose hardness at higher temperatures, Hardox® HiTemp high-temperature steel delivers extreme wear resistance. Its properties are achieved by using high-quality raw material combined with a carefully controlled manufacturing process

Hardox® HiTemp is delivered as 5–51 mm (0.197’’–2’’) plate. It can be cut, welded and machined using the same kind of machinery and technology as for conventional steel